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The perfect name for a Chinese OLED company--Okidoki! It's corny enough to sell!
I guess the reason the thread might have anti-LCD overtones is that going forward with plasma gone and OLED in limited curved ridiculous numbers--everyone knows that when you're talking 4K you're basically going to be talking 4K LCD. Now as great as 4K could possibly be--the LCD part of that equation--to people who either love plasma or love the promise of OLED--makes them want to puke! In other words 4K LCD sales force--while many people who care about picture quality...
Why is it that the Chinese have the brains to make FLAT OLED? Amazing that someone would consider trying such an outlandish concept that is counter to the conventual wisdom SALES FORCE! Maybe the Chinese can save us from an LCD only world!
I wonder if OLED having great black levels makes LCD lovers blind? Maybe they really can't see that LCD sucks?
I forgive all you transgressors out there! I applaud tgm1024 for speaking of opthamology for it holds the hope of one day curing the LCD blind!
Tell the masses a lie long enough and they will believe anything. Cry for our beloved video world! Oh LCD why dost thou torture us so?
OLED pixels dying while blind LCD lovers are laughing... The horror--the horror--who can take it?!
Is it true that the only way to get LCD to look good is to feed it a live video feed of a plasma or an OLED's picture? I've heard that if you do that and it only covers a small part of the screen that the part of the screen with the plasma or OLED's picture will look great while the rest of the LCD screen looks like dog mess!
Artwood and min-artwood? That must be frightful for LCD Edge-lit crap lovers--now the amount of people in the universe who have brains and don't like LCD has increased from at least 1 to 2! At LCD Sales Force meetings all you hear is Total Control! Total Control! Does anybody remember that Wendy Williams women's prison movie where the prison guard kept saying that at the end? The control element of the LCD Sales Forces isn't sad--it's evil!
I heard that astrophysicists have extrapolated that if you were inside a black hole at the very center of it--that if you had a Kuro there that everything besides the Kuro would be a lighter shade of black. I believe that AVS many centuries from now will fund an expedition to see if this is really true.
New Posts  All Forums: