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If this works as expected, I'm sold (the LAV/MadVR aspect that is).
But better does not have everything that good enough has and vice versa. In which case, if the good enough is "good enough" whilst having features that you prefer over the "better" solution, then the decision is based on feature set.
To be fair, even plug and play solutions have limitations (e.g. not all NAS have 3TB support), and in those cases, the solution is to simply buy a new device.If someone is not technically proficient, it is less likely they will have a need for more than 6 drives, in which case dealing with addon sata cards is not common and not really a good example for advising against software RAID for non technical people past the initial setup. In any case, those non technical people...
If you've been in sales your whole life, you should know that it is far better to tout the benefits of your product vs another, than it is to put down another product in order to put yours up. Though they achieve the same thing (pros vs. cons of each product), the first way gives the customer additional food for thought, the second way has the potential to insult the customer.
Quick question: does the decision to use VLC as the playback engine in any way related to the VLC kickstarter project set up to create a dedicated windows 8 app?
Seeing as how we are all throwing speculation.... I would really love if they: Build a standalone Windows 8 App that included the video playback engine of MPC-HC with full graphical overlays for the video side, and the playback engine of Foobar2k for the audio engine. Throw in a room correction capability, graphical 2 way remote via smartphone/tablet functionality, and the option of a seamless client server setup. One can dream I guess.
So much good info in this thread. Think I might sticky it. I've been playing with XBMC for the simplicity, but damnit the quality from madVR and the higher end scaling options always taunts me.
From what I've read (going by memory here), Surface tablets have superior wireless performance to most tablets out there.
I believe OP is asking for an app to turn his surface tablet into a wifi keyboard/mouse similar to those apps that you can get on iOS or Android that do the same. If I recall, Windows Phone also has similar apps (at least WP7.5 that I've tried). Haven't really looked into a W8 (formerly metro) app.
Not sure if there is an easy solution out there with MCM (I know some other metadata software allows this), but just to throw a suggestion out there. Could you try grabbing an existing metadata file from another movie changing the title, put it in the directory for your movie and make some changes that way? I guess you can set the values to some defaults and save that metadata file somewhere to be used for any future instances.
New Posts  All Forums: