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hey arxaw, where's a "nice" place to live?
Hey by any chance did others get the Chiefs game @ Jacksonville in HD on their D* Sunday Ticket? I did and was suprised/pleased (even though we lost) as that's what I thought I was buying it for. It's a good thing too, as I could hardly get OTA signal(I guess all that wind on Sunday)
My situation just to add to everyone elses observations: I'm in Nixa, and just like in Ozark, 3-1 and 21-* are getting 90-95 sig strength. 10-1 & 28-1(KDEB) are about 65. To get ABC (19-1) in digital, I have to reaim for downtown, and I get about 65 or so. My antennae is in the attic also. I have an RCA VHF/UHF/FM directional Again, Aim for Forland to get everything BUT ABC (BTW I can still get 3-1 and 21-* while aimed at downtown, but much weaker and...
Quote: Originally posted by webboy10169 select - play - select - instant replay - select. Do it again to make it go away. I have the HR10-250, is this the HD tivo your refering to? If so I can't use this sequence to find out bit rates. Was this on Live TV or previously recorded material?
Sorry all, I didn't specify. KSPR IS NOT broadcasting in HD , however, I am able to get it in SD using my "digital only" tuner in the HD10-250
Hey again GWB2, would you post the email address of the engineer at KSPR. I'll email him too, and just maybe, the more requests the better!
Hey GWB2, thanks for the reply. Guess what I just came from Heather electronics on Republic rd in between Fremont and National, one of the guys there told me he thought that KSPR hasn't yet moved their transmissions out to the Fordland towers. He said it was from somewhere downtown. So I climbed up into the attic and aimed for downtown. I got it!!! KSPR-dt 19-1 I'm watching it right now. I've tuned it in on my HD10-250 DirecTv tivo unit. However this takes away from a...
aharris, it sounds like they're saying, "na na nana na you can't make me," or . . . "blah blah, blah blah blah" to us all. that stinks!
Hey gwb2, is this really the case? I called D* and they said that "sometime this year" would be when locals are on the satellite. If thats the case I may just skip worrying about antennas and the OTA broadcasts and wait another month for the locals here.
Please post some email addresses so I can start emailing these stations that are laggards. KOLR - KSPR I just got a big screen and HDTivo and am reading in horror that I can't get the Chiefs games and MNF in HD this fall Aaaargh!!!!
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