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Hi all.. So, I've got a question that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.. Over the weekend, and for the first time, I plugged in our Kuro Plasma Pioneer Elite screen into a relatively new PC that I built last March (with an Asus P8Z68V-Gen3 mobo) with the built-in HDMI port. I can get audio/video without issue and have been using XBMC & NPVR with it for a few hours as an experiment.. However, we went to eat dinner and I shutoff the plasma display but left the PC...
Thanks! I hadn't run across those units.. Unfortunately I see more quality issues in the message threads than I'd like to see with something like this.. I'm not sure that's a good unit to have at home if it's going to be problematic as it sounds.. I'll keep an eye on it though..
Hi.. We've got two of the HR10-250's with current service for DirecTV.. My wife is losing her job at the end of the year and eventually I think we'll have to get rid of pay-TV altogether.. We love our Tivo's but I gather they won't run w/o the DirecTV service.. Is it just an issue of the EPG not being available or is there something else to it..? It would be nice to move over to either a Moxi 3 tuner HD PVR or even better to a Tivo Premier/XL pair and run everything OTA,...
I don't suppose you tried the HMG feature? With the old version my TV came with from the factory, I can't watch very many of my movies as the format isn't supported. I know the release notes don't indicate any improvements in this area but thought I'd ask if anyone noticed any improvements that might have snuck in... Thx!
That's the update.. The April/May.. I don't know if it was available earlier but I was subscribed to receive firmware update notices and it just came in the mail about 2 hours ago.. Kinda silly their free USB drive for the upgrade is read-only. I was hoping to be able to use it for any future upgrades as well..
Ok.. Just to answer my own question.. This software works very well when I was able to fire up the HMG feature.. I was able to play movie formats using the transcoding that I was unable to get working with other s/w. However, I was not able (for some reason) to fast forward or reverse for transcoded video's.. I eventually locked up the HMG and had to power-cycle the set with the remote.. I hope that update the firmware on that thing to make it more stable.. Sheesh!
Will this work if you don't have a Playstation? I quickly tried it out and it was complaining that it saw no PS.. However, I didn't have the HMG running at the time (I was in a hurry to get out the door).
Has anyone tried using the Unix version of ffmpeg to convert XvId formatted files (or others) to any format that HMG understands? I tried using fuppes and can't get it to transcode so I figured I'd just convert the videos as an experiment. Anyway, I tried using a command like the following for one of the SuperNatural TV series that I occasionally get via P2P: % ffmpeg -i Supernatural.S03E13.HDTV.XviD-HDQ.avi -sameq -vcodec msmpeg4 -acodec adpcm_ms...
If you can't find your printed manual, download the PDF from Pioneer : Pioneer Manual
Well.. I installed and briefly tried out fuppes on Linux over the weekend and is seems to serve up about the same types of files that the Mac product did.. There are still huge holes in what can be played and not.. I do not think I've got fuppes configured yet to use the video transcoding which may help if the PC I'm using can do the work fast enough (I've got quad 500mhz xeon cpu's)
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