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To bad there's not a better program for the Iphone/Touch than remote. I use it to control iTunes. I bet with a little work, an app could be written to do just this...
They offer an app for the Sonos music players. Just search for it. It's free.
Hi Tulpa, Thanks for the reply. You are correct. It is my neighbors viewing on demand. I was wondering why I can see the channels sometimes(maybe 7 or 8 channels)for a month or so, then for 6 mos. nothing. Then all of a sudden, the channels will be back. Is my cable company encrypting them and if so why do they come back? Or are they being re scanned to a different set of channels? I tried re-scanning for them but it didn't work. I can't figure out why they are...
I've noticed once in awhile, I can view video-on-demand for free. Maybe a few days or even up to a month. Then all of a sudden all the channels are now gone. A few months later...they're back. Most channels are from 84-5 to 98-1. I can still pickup all free local HD channels without any problem. If they were encrypted, why do I still get them every now and then? Any help??
Is there a MAC equivalent version of VideoRedo? What do you use for trimming our commercials?
Thanks Stranger...
Yes I mean playback. I don't know if my PC is strong enough to use a USB device that doesn't have hardware playback. I am also running XP and am concerned about support for the MDP-130 in Vista if I decide to go with Vista at a later date as per this page: http://www.hdtvtunerinfo.com/myhdmdp130.html
I've got an older Athlon XP3000 and want to upgrade the PVR-150 I have in it now. Hardware processing is probably going to be a must as I use this PC for other things also. I am considering a MDP-130 for now but USB tuner would be fine if it works well with this slow of processor. Any ideas. QAM is also a must.
Thank you 29 left now...I think!!
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