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Hi to all, Someone knows what're the D/A Converters that this pre mount?? It's interesting to know the same thing on the Suite 7.1 HD.... actarus
Hi guys, I've some doubts about THIS Thank you so much for some feedback. actarus
Hi to all, this processor is very interesting 4 me. I read the Jim Sullivan pdf ... here He says that originally Hollywood Films are encoded in the "Film" gamut standard. When the opera comes on Blu Ray the the contribute become "de-saturated" to match the old REC.709 gamut. That's the way that we normally use to view our favorite Films. Now we have the LED pjs and the eeColor technology that help us to re-expand near the original color gamut. That's a fantastic...
Hi to all, I own two Dune Hd base 3.0 both with the last 1032_beta. Some times Dune change it's output from YCbCr to RGB. Why? I do not change notthing! There is a way to lock YCbCr output? thank you
... moment surely yes. The problems that we report are difficult to view in the movement of a motion picture. You have to use some static pattern! Anyway those problems affect also the motion picture. acta.
The bug that you report doesn't concern with our tests because We do not have any scaling process!We use a NATIVE 1080p@24fps file taken from the AVS HD test Disc.That's why the Dune don't perform any scaling during our tests.A question: The guys at HDi knows that the Dune do not support 12bit output when It plays the video file?Is this a "bug" or It is an hardware limitation?thank you,actarus
In the past days we has in our labs the Dune Hd base 3.0 and The Popcorn c-200. We has compared them side by side. Our targhet is: Picture quality. We have to say that the poppy is surely better. The test that give us this certainty is the "Gradient Test": http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/gradient.php The picture reproduced by the poppy is much more smoothest than the other reproduced by the Dune HD. We know that the two units have the same hardware inside so there is no...
Hi to all, I've a litte question: Is it possible to create playlists? And more: playlists based on bookmarks over some files m2ts? Thank you, actarus
I use an HTPC and I've tried some motion flow algorithms... It seems that 24hz refresh is not optimal to create some interpolation, this is the reason that bring me to catch 48Hz on my HD750 (RS20). I hope that some one can find some good timings 4 1080p@48Hz. actarus
Hi there, my question is very simple: The JVC projectors are capable to accepts (and correctly view) signals like 1080p@48Hz? I've tested my JVC HD750 with a custom res. 1080p@48 from my Crystalio 2 scaler. The image was wrong ... It's like a "rallenty" motion. If some one have good results can post the correct timings? Thank you so much, actarus
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