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Hey Sojodave, I have 4 of Roman's Jive home theater seats. Originally I had a couch with 2 Aura's mounted underneath. When I bought the JIVE seats my goal was to add two more Aura's to the plate mounted on the bottom (intended for buttkicker mini's). They did not fit. I ended up mounting them on a wood slat that runs at the base of the back of the chair. They were great. Well hidden, secure and easy to access and a solid '4D' experience. These ran to 250 watt amp I bought...
I truly want to second that view. Every part of it I agree with but I have not seen HFR yet. I expect to see it this weekend (in ATMOS too!) before it leaves the theaters. UPDATE: I went to see Smaug HFR3D this weekend (Dedham, MA, Had to drive close to 40 miles to see it in the HFR format). I basically liked it. My son definitely liked it. It seems to me that this will be a personal choice and that the kids will migrate to it more quickly than us older folks.
Well, I am on my 3rd unit. My original died with the two blinking lights. The refurb they sent me had two blue blobs during very dark scenes. CAlled them up and returned that unit right after NHL playoffs were done (only noticeable in vary dark scenes). The Third unit seemed fine. LCD alignment looked very good and the picture was great as alway. BUT, I go to fire it up on Wednesday night and it would not light up. It would power on, door would open, then go to high fan...
Well, I've had my Epson 5020UB since Dec 2012. Basically love the unit. Beautiful color. I keep it on THX. Pixel alignment was a little off, made some minor alignment changes. No problem. Movies look fantastic! I usually watch about an hour each night (more on weekends). I have a dedicated projector room that I built and all that stuff. Anyways, I go to turn the system on last night and the projector wouldn't fire up. Thought the harmony remote might have missed the...
Can you help me access the iris system on my z2000? It's grayed out. Thanks, Doug
Hi, Probably a silly question but I don't know how to modify the Iris. Can someone help me out? Thanks very much, Doug
Hi, Sorry but I can't seem to find the setting on how to engage the iris setting. It is grayed out on my input mode 1. How do i engage the iris up or down so I can use it to tweak the PLV-Z2000? Thanks, Doug
Thanks. Interesting. And that kind of sucks to boot. I currently have the component outputs outputted to my Panasonic EDTV plasma and the picture is good. I know the s/a 8300 will only output component or HDMI (and will only switch to component when the HDMI signal is off completely). It would be nice to see all the channels via HDMI. You would think it would be fine with all of the signals via HDMI, though internally the 8300 would need to switch to digital when...
I have the S/A 8300 connected via HDMI to the newly purchased IN72. When I go to non HD channels I do not get a picture! The S/A 8300 has been set-up for 480p,720p,1080i so I figure it would be fine. But when I go to a low/analog channel, the screen goes blank and all there is is a HDMI picture in the lower left corner. Can't I view other channels other than HD on the IN72 using my S/A 8300 via HDMI? Thanks, Doug
That seems to make the most sense. Thanks.
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