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The tv sets you used in the store weren't callibrated correctly?
Well, I requested the fw disk from the website about 6 weeks ago and still have not received it, so you should plan on downloading it from the website.
I got my ready to pick up notice on Monday. Of course it wasn't ready so the manager gave me an extra 15% off. So I was able to pick it up on Tuesday for $13.59.
Watched it on Tuesday. Pretty good transfer for the most part. No macro-blocking on mine and no audio distortion.
What is the usb keychain you ordered?
You can't use USPS delivery confirmation for anything. They don't usually update it from that message until it has been delivered to you. The last package I got still showed that message the day after I received the package.
You can get an HDMI cable from monoprice for $4, so Toshiba would be able to get them for a lot cheaper than that.
Per the previous responses to the same question, the A2 doesn't even have 5.1 analog outs. Right & Left audio out, Optical and HDMI only.
That is how I have mine set up with the Onkyo 604, all hdmi. Is the 604 what you have Tconnolly?
Quote: Originally Posted by auburnu008 Why would anyone buy this at best buy when Robert's deal is much better? The Best Buys in Oregon finally got some in this morning. My out of pocket for my A2 was around $280. First, I had a AMEX Best Buy Wishlist Certificate for a $150 gift certificate on a $600 purchase. They couldn't get the code to work right so they deducted the $150 directly off of the A2 price, making it $350. And I used my Best...
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