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Will do Bob but the MRX-300 played the same identical disc that I tried on the 510 so I don't think its the Sony. The Sony plays Blu-ray's without issue as well as regular red book CD's. This is strange but I'm sure there is a setting somewhere that is messed up. I will keep digging.Ted
The Sony BDP-S5100 will play regular CD's via PCM but not SACD's via DSD but I thought it would convert to PCM. It did with my 300 but not my 510 and I have not changed in settings in my Sony BD player so it has to be a setting in the 510. I've read the manual but so far I haven't found any info.Thanks
I don't want this to fall by the way side so any ideas on settings?
Height channels were eliminated in the 310, 510 and 710.
I have another question and not sure if this is an Anthem MRX-510 issue or what. I have a Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray player that I use for SACD's as well. I had it hooked up with my MRX-300 and it played the SACD just fine via HDMI but it will not play audio with the 510. Not sure if I have a wrong setting with the 510 but it is hooked up via HDMI 1 just like the 300. The 300 had no issues playing the SACD but the 510 will not. Any set up issues or anyone have an...
One more quick question, when I first hooked up the Anthem MRX-510 I manually set everything up and then I saved the user settings. This is before I ran ARC. Once you run ARC does it reset other than distances, etc. It looks like it changed my crossovers but just want to make sure that everything is correct.
I have a couple of questions now that I have hopefully successfully ran ARC. It was kinda of weird because when I loaded the disc that came with my MRX-510 it would come back as unsuccessful so I went on the Anthem site and downloaded the software. When I ran ARC my PC picked up the correct s/n for my mic. Does this sound right? So I hooked up the 510 to the network via ethernet and my PC via ethernet. I opened the ARC file and ran the test tones, then the targets,...
I think I got it. I tried installing the disc but it would not install so I went on the Anthem site and installed the ARC-2 Software. I then hooked up the mic, the MRX-510 to the network and the computer to the network via ethernet cable. The software popped up and I hit calibrate and it ran thru the steps. Does this sound right? ARC-2 is definitely quicker and I hope I did it right. I haven't read the manual which I will do tomorrow so I hope what I did tonight is...
I am trying to install the software from the supplies disc but it comes up as "failed to copy file E:/309539Anthem.cal to C:Program Files(x86)\Anthem Room Correction 2\309539Anthem.cal Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? At this time I have my computer hooked up to the router but not the MRX-510. I guess I need to hook the computer up to the routher as well as the MRX-510 and then load the disc...if not what am I doing wrong? Thanks, Ted
I have a modem router combination from Time Warner Cable. I have my Apple TV, and my Sony BD player hooked up to this modem/router and everything seems to work fine. So if I am correct I will hook up the MRX-510 directly to the modem/router and my PC as well. I'm not a PC guy (Macs for work and home use) so I hope I can figure this all out. Should I trash the ARC software from my PC for the MRX-300?Thanks,Ted
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