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you mean the local number?
well just tried calling the 1-877-820-8202 no answer after 15 min on wait.
the 2500 is a SD non dvr, but has video in guide
What model Dvr's?
should we have them do both cards on one call or make sure ones working before we do the second tivo? sounds like Omaha had problems with DIYHD
we have them just no time to add the cards to the tivo's and call and activate till this weekend.
I'm able to pull a signal strength of 75 or higher on the tivo's without cards
if everything goes as planned on Friday I should be using my tivo's with cable cards by Saturday.
don't you get other channels besides Hallmark Movie Channel for that $5?
don't let them lie it's not cox dropping them it's the local station wanting more money from cox to carry the signal.
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