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Do not combine two sources to one amplifier via a "Y" cable. Use some kind of source selector or manually swap cables.
Wanted: Waves Audio Maxxbass 102.
You are not even allowed to plug in a boombox?
I don't believe that sound mixer has phono inputs. A proper phono pre-amp can be acquired for a reasonable price (Parasound Z-phono, Pro-ject Phono Box, etc...).
You're choosing between a lower model integrated/stereo receiver and seperates??? You should be comparing better integrateds (Music Fidelity, Marantz Reference, Luxman, etc...) with seperates (Parasound Halo, etc...).
Spoke with a dealer; he has a demo Nottingham Spacedeck Jr. He recommended some other cartridge or a Grado; he said to use the ZPhono for now (or he has a killer demo phono pre-amp). Heavily considering on getting it; unsure about the cartridge.
I think I might sell the Project and keep the Parasound. Since I'm stepping up in turntable, I'm stepping up the pre-amp; I'm Just deciding which one I need to sell.
Which phono pre-amp is higher on the food chain??? Project Phono Box (orginal, not a II) Parasound Z-Phono
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