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I own a 52A650 and a 5265f and both have a S on the back sticker. Makes sense since I have been pleased with both sets and the PQ. Just got lucky. I will check before I purchase a new Samsung. I have my eye on the new LED models but will have to wait a couple of years. Finance committee.
Remember to turn the box off before pressing the info and guide button. You have to press both together and then you get the setup menu.
No. No tv will let you remap digital stations,
So far my 5265f has been flawless. Bought a 52A650 and I will say that my 5265f is no slouch compared to it. Sorry you guys are having problems. Way too expensive of a consumer purchase to be having problems this soon out.
Demos have the same warranty as a new tv. The only question is do you like the set. Pirce is good.
Could be the PS3. Try testing your PS3 on another display that has hdmi inputs and see if it is your TV or the PS3.
I'll check in the am. At work now.
I saw it once last week on ESPN HD and it was strange. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Have not seen it since. I have a 52A650
Most sets only pass DD 2.0. I think it is stupid but it continues to be the norm.
Lets keep politics out of this forum!
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