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61.1 was off for a while here yesterday, but is back now. No 61.2 (Sony's getTV English language movie subchannel) yet.
No 8.3/8.4 here this morning, and my box picks up PSIP changes without rescanning...
WKBN has been flaky at times, but it's mostly there tonight. Is there some sort of guide on how REGULAR weather patterns affect fringe reception? Not trop, but semi-local fringe reception like getting the Youngstown stations over here.
Yeah, as I've said before, I am working off an indoor antenna out a second floor window. I lose WKBN from time to time as well, and have never gotten even a blip out of WYFX-LD or WFMJ or WYTV. I'm really not going to try going through buying an indoor antenna and asking the guy who owns this place if I can put something on the roof, let alone a 50 foot tower
The FCC's 51 dBu map for WYFX-LD takes it to about Ravenna. https://maps.google.com/?q=http://transition.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/contourplot.kml%3Fgmap%3D2%26appid%3D1421994%26call%3DWYFX-LD%26freq%3D0.0%26contour%3D51%26city%3DYOUNGSTOWN%26state%3DOH.kml
If you're indeed in Akron, you were lucky to get WYFX-LD at all. It's a low-power station. The maps seem to put some signal over near Akron, but I don't think it gets over here on a regular basis.Of course, WYFX has an SD simulcast on WKBN/27.2, which gets into the Cleveland market with relative ease.WYFX-LD was off for a few days, but it's been back for a while.
Noticed tonight on the TWC Navigator box (in the other room) that Fox Sports Ohio's guide data includes the Cincinnati Reds programming we don't get here.
BTW, for those not in the Akron area, WOIO's LD 24 translator is back on again. Only took 'em a day or so to get it back. I noticed a worse signal on WAPS/91.3, but didn't connect the two (and I know WAPS is on that tower).
WKDD's HD3 channel is leased by Air 1, and is the feed for the Akron/Cleveland Air 1 translators now.
I've never subscribed to Showtime, and don't here, so I have no idea if it's back yet. I bet it'll catch up soon... everything else seems to be "back".
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