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Could not find the ad... Did you list it?
I bought one recently, it was back ordered and took a while to get it.... Mean while I noticed the new oppo bdp-103 had 2d-3d conversion so I ordered the oppo.My kanexpro arrived just 2 days before the oppo. it works better than I expected, I tried it on a couple blu's and dish TV, but when the oppo came I disconnected it. it does better j ob than the oppo but the oppo is eas ier to control, so the kanexpro is going up on fleabag soon....:D
went to walmart to price match avatar 3d today (10/16) and right next to avatar was irobot 3d... even got it priced matched, getting ready to watch it now. I'll report on it later
Has anyone bothered to ask Emptek what drivers they use
eD officially dead as of friday 8/31... below is from their website Official statement inside. I’m sure at this point most people are wondering what’s going on at Elemental Designs. Phones haven’t been answered, lack of email responses, promised items not shipping, and not a peep from us. Well, I’m here to let you know what’s going on, right now. You see, the company began to go into a very rapid downward spiral several months ago when a lot of criteria and standards...
Not looking for OSD I just want to see content on the small tv. Ie.. The music station and song when playing vtuner or pandora. Thx
now I have a question, in the past when I had a 3007 and 3008 I was able to connect a small tv using the composite monitor out that I used for things like when listenening to the NET stations and running setup's. This allowed me to see the info without using my projector. I just recieved a new 1009 last Friday and I cannot get any video on the composite for any receiver functions (it does work for CD's from my Blu-ray). Am I missing something (which I doubt) or is the 1009...
yes it can, I have the Harmony 880 and it is set up for that. you need to create to new buttons and teach them (use learning function) the zone 1 power on from your onkyo remote and the other button power off, then incorporate them into the system on and off sequences on the harmony
hopefully bcrigler can get some kind of price match on his set then!!!!
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