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HA HA that is the resolution I use for my CRT on a lumagen processor . love my picture .wont change for a while
anyone in the Portland area?
I think the right set up In 2 D is just as good as 3D without the fatigue . more pop in color and sharpness with a properly setup 2D
i run my front channel full range with a LFE sub in the front.. i also have two subs in the rear .one on each in wall i run them high level in and out . let me tell you that was the best add i have done was to add the rear subs .there is no bad spot in the room and there is alot of bass information going to the rear .
Ok I went and found my player and unboxed it , still fires up and works great . still in new condition .took some pics for you guys enjoy!
I still have the sony cdp-200 . in its original box. was purchased at chelsee audio back in the 80's .tower records only had 5 disks available LOL i went there every week to see if they had any new ones . I assume it still works ,it has been boxed up for some 20 years . makes me feel old
have you thought about Butler Audio .
Hi there have not posted in a while . I still have a WS 48613 or 48813 cant remember but still to date blows away all three of my other flat panels .. I have a Lumagen processor on it .it was calibrated by Chuck Willams . the Lumagen allows you to have better gray scale adjustment and take the over scan out that they like to put in . i run it from HDMI blueray to DVI tv . again i will keep fixing this set for a long time cause i love the picture so much . i have very low...
Hi there . I have had this set for almost a year now , it gets used maybe 2 hrs a week ,no kids and 4 other tv's . this is the newest set in the house > It has started giving me troubles and thanks to vizio's good help they are now replacing the tv . went through Costco and sent them lots of pics and without sending a repair tech they are going to replace it . so im posting pics to let people know what happend to me and to know if it start to take pics and send them ...
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