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Noticed that Verizon Fios has added 21.2 (MeTV) on ch. 464. Very little reason to watch KTXD anymore.
I have yet to upgrade my DVR from the one I got when I signed up in 2006. Seems I may want to wait until this comes out.
21.2 is not active yet. I suspect it will turn on Monday when they launch the channel.
Very sad about this. I visted it daily.
I heard KTEN had another lightning strike. Any reception issues?
Pardon me if this has been mentioned before.. but if you're curious about what subchannels are broadcast.. there's a good website that keeps track of them. rabbitears.info It's a pretty complete list. I get 87 subchannels at my home in Plano.
Just cable channels. In all of the history of American television, there has been only one station that I'm aware of that has allowed local cable systems to insert ads during their programming.. and they don't do that anymore . There have been instances where a broadcast station ran a satellite station with the help of a cable system where the cable system would sell ads, but that's not the same thing.
My general impression isn't that they're not responsive.. I'm just not sure they sometimes understand what the problem is. The guy who runs 31.4 used to post on this board. Maybe if he checks back in here he'll see what's up.
Never heard of that. Cant imagine that any of them look good.
I got the email about the box exchange and had the same issue: it just told me how i could exchange a box, not whether i need to. that said, i know I need to.
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