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This is why I'm still running the unofficial redflash fix and will just ignore the occasional audio issue. Next TV will NOT be Sony. Quote: Originally Posted by schweich12 Well, after 3 weeks of flawless performance after installing the audio drop-out update, I am sad to say the issue has returned. Sony support was little help. The issue actually seems to be worse than before. Audio drop outs occur almost every 20 minutes now. I officially give up on...
resetting the factory defaults is no big deal, but keeping the red flashing from coming back is...does the official new fw fix red flashing?
Re: above -- I thought the unofficial update only fixed audio drop-out and not red flashing. Well specifically there were 2 unofficial updates, one only for red flash and one only for audio drop-outs. The hope was with this update it would fix BOTH issues?? Or what am I missing?
Yeah, I noticed the fw link for the 52" now working -- I downloaded the firmware and loaded it up on a USB stick but am still too scared to install it. More guinea pigs first!
has anyone been able to download the file and install it? i queued it up with the sony taxi thingy in an attempt to circumvent their current problems (file not found) and chickened out as i didn't want to install more sony crud just to download a fw file.
So does there exist a fix for BOTH the red flashing AND the sound drop outs? I am using the unofficial fix for the red flashing and while the drop outs aren't all that often (2-4x/month) it is still annoying. Weird thing is that it NEVER seems to happen on my PS3 but does happen on cable -- both use HDMI, well maybe I shouldn't be that surprised that my Sony TV can talk with the Sony PS3...
If you have his e-mail address it would still be worth letting them know. I honestly will not be considering another Sony product in a LONG time... Sucks as I think I was one of the first people to notice the red flashing too...I would say that I'm just too picky, but man that flashing was f'ing annoying!
So --- sounds like the unofficial firmware from over 6 months ago is better than official Sony firmware from 1 week ago?
It is my understanding that the original PS3 "phat" models do not have this feature while the newer slims do...??
I missed the boat to get the fw e-mailed from Gary. If anyone else has the fw for a KDL-52V5100 please PM!
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