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Make sure you select the option to cancel or downgrade service, that gets you to the retention reps with the best offers. Also mention competing U-Verse offers if they're in your area.
And you're still in this thread because...?BTW it's Sons of Anarchy not Friends, there's nothing friendly about it..
My head hurts.
There is no confirmation, as has been said many times here and elsewhere Comcast card billing is all over the map. Some get the HD fee even if all they have are cards, some don't. Some pay outlet fees for extra cards, some don't. Some get cards for free, etc.There is no one single answer about how you're going to be billed for cards on Comcast, it entirely depends on your area and how lucky you get with a rep. And all of it is an FCC violation of the card rules (which...
Why is everybody dissing Haas for wanting to run F1 out of Charlotte? Are they trying to say that the only good car engineers are in Europe? I'm not following why having a US-based team is a bad idea, other than the extra travel involved.
I'm a golf fan but I've seen so much stuff about Arnie before, I just couldn't take another series.
I'm done with it after this show. Sorry guys, just can't take any more of basically nothing.
Looks like they're setting Philip up again to be the one that lets his conscience make him doubt (and possibly act) on his mission. It has to be super tough to take killing an innocent no matter how well he's been trained. By the way, who was the drinking guy he was working with on that mission? I'm losing track of some of these compadres in Communism. They handled the details of the early Arpanet pretty well I think except for the bug getting planted in the IMP (the...
Why, because he spoke the truth that you didn't want to hear?
Yeah and they've made it too obvious, therefore it's probably not. Some new double-secret probation gubmint project or an equally absurd MacGuffin.
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