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not sure if you have it on the 5008, but on the 6008, there is a button on the bottom of the remote called "music"; If you push it, it should toggle through various sound field setups for your music, and you should be able to find one that you might like better..
its good that you guys see what we have all be raving about for the last several months...there is no doubt this tv is awesum, and, anyone who doesn't buy one has no clue on what they are missing! After 6 months I am still blown away by stuff; even the commercials are incredible!
I believe you get 45 days once you are elite, but,you should get 30 days with your current status.I'm lucky enough to have a few best buys within 30 minutes of my house, so I only go to the one that takes good care of their customers.The fact they gave me a 500 dollar credit after 66 days says alot about how they take care of me, but obviously YMMV...
sign up for the Best Buy rewards program, and you will get points/30 days price protection,(45 if you are an Elite member) I bought mine from them, and the price dropped after 66 days, and they still gave me credit for the price drop...
I have that Vizio in my kitchen; nice small screen tv!
why are you running split mode?
We believe a different panel is used in the 850 vs the 900; also, dont discount the speakers on the 900, as they are generally viewed as the best on any tv ever, and they are great for when you dont feel like turning your AVR speakers on..
I am hoping that a major expenditure wont be needed to get the proper codecs/etc on our tv's to be able to stream 4k video..Something
Good find!Lets hope it wont be the only way to get 4k netflix on the 2013 models..
When I had my X1, for awhile I was using it wirelessly without issues. I had an AC1900 router, so that probably helped..
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