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I have: Martin Logan Source High-Performance Hybrid Electrostatic Loudspeakers (pair, black finish) $1000 Martin Logan Descent i Subwoofer (cherry/black finish) $1750 Absolutely no issues, smoke free home and gently used. DFW pick up only (cash and carry).
150+ Blu-rays For Sale (NO TRADES) PLEASE READ: - PRICES ARE LISTED BELOW (e.g. all are not $10) - USA ONLY (sorry, Canada - shipping kills any deal for you) - Shipping is flat $3.50 (via cheapest method, with tracking). - Shipping is FREE for orders over $40 - First come first serve (and this list will be up on multiple sites) - I can't guarantee that digital codes are there - PAYPAL ONLY Title Price Condition Sorry for the delay, folks. Here we go. **{red}PLEASE...
Smoke free home. In perfect working condition. Comes complete. FedEx ground shipping included.
Just got one last night and haven't played too much with it after downloading latest firmware. One weird thing that is happening (lip sync is also scaring me big time but I still need to tinker): When trying to do 3D from Directv via Oppo, the still 2D display is split in two. I have HDMI 1 out going to proj and HDMI 2 out going to pre/pro (Anthem AVM50) for audio. Thoughts?
Got a response back from NHT, in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation:We have never built a completely timbre-matched architectural speaker for the 3.3, but there's a VERY strong family resemblance with the IW4 in-wall speaker. The IW4 was originally designed to be the sonic twin of the M5 and M6 monitors, and will work beautifully in a system with our current NHT Classic speakers, or one of our Evolution or Audio Series speakers.Your best bet in an...
What I was using: L/R: 3.3 C: AudioCenter Two L/R surrounds: M6 L/R surround backs: L5 Unfortunately, placement logistics prevent me from continuing to use the M6 as surrounds (they would stick out too much on the side walls and people would be running into them). I am aware of the timbre matching with the L5s but these would stick out too much as well. Was hoping that the IW-3 or IW-4 can work in place of the M6's.
New media room doesn't really leave me space to continue to use my M6's as surrounds and I'm am forced to consider in wall. Does anyone know if the IW series NHTs are timbre matched to the 3.3's, as the M and L series is? TIA for the help!
Glad they responded to you. As for me, I have sent 3 emails to them over the past week with nary a single response. Is there some magic way to get there attention on this? I sent the email both using the website form and directly using the address listed in the first post in this thread. Very aggravated by this. Very aggravated.
Want to ask the aformentioned question again so as it doesn't get buried in this thread, given that there are now at least 4 other AVM-50/ARC owners haven't to deal with this static issue: Do any of you NOT have any connections to the analog inputs and are still getting this issue? ( just wondering if this is what triggered it ) ... and it's not only when I switch HDMI inputs do I get this noise. It happens ANYTIME there is an interuption in the video - ...
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