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Yeah the PJ is working normally now, no issues. Only about 20 hours on it though since it came back. Repair would have been $550 I think it was if it wasn't under warranty.
My front IR was dead after 650 hours and when changing sources on my AVR the projector would lock-up, no image, no lights at all. I think it was the change in res, not a HDMI handshake that was the problem, but who knows.The main board was replaced and the IR sensor under warranty.SHOCKING that this is still going on in the new models. I've been a JVC owner since the HX2 around 2006 I guess, I think the RS40 may be my last.
For anyone investigating Airplay issues: mine all went away (that being Airplay appearing and disappearing randomly) as soon as I got rid of the DSL Verizon D-Link router and plugged in the old Westell router that I had from an old address.
After I just sent mine in under warranty to have the mainboard replaced (the PJ was locking up when changing inputs on my Denon 4520) and the front IR died. I wonder if other manufacturers like Sony have more reliable units or are just as bad? I have had a HX2, HD2K, RS2 and this RS40 and have had to send them all back for repairs within the first 2 years except the HD2K.
Obvious here but air intake filters are clean?
This has probably been covered before, but what's the chance Denon are going to introduce a firmware update for Airplay? On my unit it is so intermittent it's unusable. Doing a soft reset by pulling out the AC will bring it back for anywhere from 5 minutes to a day. Thinking of buying an Apple TV purely for the airplay capability to avoid using the in-built Denon version. Denon? Please get on this. (Other than that love my 4520)
Seems like it may be time to look at Sony, if not that then and extended warranty with any JVC projector. I wonder if the Sony's are any better in terms of reliability?
Gents just a quick FYI here: After 1 year, 2 months with 650 hours my RS40 has had its front IR and the main board (part # PC0106304U9) replaced under warranty. The front IR was dead and the PJ would freeze up and lose image when changing sources (and frame rates) on my AVR. This is a b-stock unit from AV Science, Mike was great making sure they honored the 2 year warranty (Mendtronix the Co JVC contract their repairs out to were told by JVC that my unit only had a 1...
Just switched over to NFS using HaneWin and still the same....looks like I need to try a different router or card in the PC?
Guys having an issue with my RS40. On changing inputs via a Denon 4520 the projector is locking-up, completely non-responsive and the output is black. The only way to get out of it is to pull the AC out and wait 30 seconds. When switching I'm going from a HTPC 1080/60p to DirecTV 1080/60i or a Dune 1080/24p....any ideas? I've tried both HDMI inputs, same deal. Also a few months ago my front IR receiver died. Wondering if any of this is known issue? Cheers and Happy...
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