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Saw this a while ago, and it was a nice feel good, date-nighty movie that has some gorgeous cinematography, decent comedy and adequate acting. Good rental, and I wouldn't have minded if I paid to see it on the big screen. Good directorial effort by Stiller. 7/10.
... yet !!The dial goes to 11 in post.
The hip-hop/rap/pop numbers were mostly in the atmospheric soundtrack/background music, so it did not get too jarring for me. The modernity is confined to the music/soundtrack in certain parts of the story. I am almost surprised that some of its detractors did not object to the otherworldly cleanliness and glossiness of the 20s New York area. That doesn't jibe too much with the historical fact either. In fact most of the modern music is juxtaposed with visuals of the...
I can see Oink doing just that and that's OK, because not everyone can/want to enjoy a remix of the 20s and the 2Ks. I concede that Tobey and Carey are the movie's weaknesses, but on hindsight, the other positives of the movie let me ignore the weaknesses. It didn't hurt that those two were mere beautiful props in Luhrmann's beautiful storytelling. that is pure visual poetry. I compartmentalized the weaknesses, and in turn, was able to enjoy the movie for its great story.
Maybe the plan is to snuff out the last remnants of the Stark clan.
Just an educated guess here.. Cersei and Tywin did it. Joffrey was getting too big for his britches, and there was no saying when he would turn against Cersei and Jaime. That way, Tommen gets next in line, and Cersei gets the reins till the kid comes of age. The Tyrells get silenced. Tyrion, the family shame gets dispatched to the dungeons or worse. Maybe even implicate Margery, her brother and their granny Lady Olena. Lannisters remain in control. All is well again in...
I have a question: if Joffrey died before consummating his marriage and impregnating Margery with his baby, would the rein of the realm slip back to Cersei or to Joffrey's brother? Why did Cersei so readily implicate Tyrion? Why did she order the Meister to feed the leftovers to dogs and not commoners as Margery decreed?
Just saw this one on BD and both I and the missus absolutely loved it. In my movie watching experience, Baz Luhrman creates the most beautiful images on screen, and this movie is perhaps his best effort. This is a tragic love story at its core, and I did not mind the juxtaposition of the roaring twenties imagery with hard hitting pop and hip-hop score. for me it was like a graphic novel brought to life, a la Frank Miller's [Zach Snyder's] Sin City. The period and the music...
I'm with you. I enjoyed this one a lot and felt it was a worthy successor to the brilliant first part. The second part was just a blip (or a skid mark) on the road to IM3 and Avengers.
Haha.. good one!But I did spend the requisite amount of time to take a gander, but I then I see much more trash[yness] around that puckered **** that I can't help but divert my gaze around that train wreck.
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