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David Bott is the top man...
This is not true!!!! Can you please show us where in the rules this is mentioned cause I have have not found it yet. There are various other forums here on AVS that allow this. I doubt this post will last long...but proof needs to be made that the current Mod is out of control.
You are absolutely right....
Darn Dave...you are too fast for me...
Ryan at ABC15 said that they were testing the new DD equipment so it may be afew days before they get the audio glitches worked out. The picture problems seemed to be resolved though.
OTA, Cable, or Sat???
Post deleted.
Post deleted.
You should...several people at the AZ HDTV forum said that they had success.
QAM-no then you can't get the QAM signal from Cox. Sorry. That would explain why you did not get any signal.
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