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Thanks, Tong Chia. Doesn't WD now own Hitachi? Or are the Hitachi drives still "Hitachi Drives" and not rebranded WD's?
What a great thread! So much good info in one place. Question: With WD and Seagate disabling TLR on their HDs (and other dastardly deeds like reducing warranty periods), what "consumer" HDs are good for hardware RAID these days? I have a LSI 8888ELP and am thinking about getting the Intel SAS expander. I run W7_x64. I really would like to avoid spending the money on WD RE or Seagate Constellation drives if I can.
I emailed the instructions.pdf to the email you sent me, jamieue147. As far as the USB drivers, there is no executable for the driver; you have to manually install it. I'm surprised XP Compatability mode didn't work. And you have 32-bit Windows 7? Odd. I guess it just doesn't like any OS after XP.
Two things:1. In the firmware folder there is another folder (can't remember the name) that has the USB drivers for the projector in there. Be sure to install the driver so your PC can talk to the PJ.2. I have W7_x64 on my PC so I couldn't try this, but you may want to try: Right-click on the executable for the firmware flash utility, then click Properties, then go the Compatability tab and run it as WinXP_SP3. Be sure to hit Apply/OK/OK after selecting XP...
1. How many Blu-rays do you purchase each month? Typically b/t 1 and 4 2. Which genre of Blu-Rays do you mostly purchase? (Comedy, Drama, Horror, SciFi, Musicals, Documentaries, TV) SciFi 3. Prior to reading about it today, were you familiar with Dolby 96k upsampling as a new and enhanced feature of TrueHD? NO, but I'd love to try it out! *hint-hint*
Nice find! Thanks for sharing w/us. This is a really good buy. Direct from JVC...no worries there!
Hello, First, thank you for all that you do to keep these forums up and running. I wanted to notify you of what seems to be a cookie glitch with the new forum software. I am using IE9, BTW. It seems that unless you keep cookies enabled, the forums log you out, or forget that you logged in. With the old forums, I would enable cookies, login and browse/post a bit, then I'd disable cookies and the forums would recognize that I already had a cookie on my browser. The new...
I can verify that the original user/password works for Benq's FTP site. Weird site they've got...sometimes it works, sometimes not. I guess it's good that they at least HAVE a site to get FW from. If someone should need FW v1.05 and/or the instructions and can't get to the site, PM me and I'd be happy to email them to you.
You're the luckiest man in the world if you have a wife "that really wants a 3D theater." So jealous. It's great that you have a dedicated HT space. Your screen is decently large, so it will take some lumens to fill. How much ambient light would you have in the room? Plan on gaming or watching sports on this PJ?
Thanks for the tip on contrast, coderguy; I didn't know that putting the PJ further back will get me better contrast. It's probably going to wind up further back anyway (12+ feet) as the (massive) ceiling fan is blocking the 6'-10'-ish away range. Last night I did a rough "Hold the PJ upside down and pretend it's mounted to the ceiling" drill. I might be able to get away with not taking the fan down. The lowest point of PJ would be approximately 6'4" off the floor,...
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