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Initially, when running the slides, I would notice a very slight discoloration along the left-most and right-most edge of the panel, only noticeable when displaying grey slides. I noticed it slightly less as the panel gained hours, and can't see it at all when viewing "normal" content.
Thanks much, I was hoping to hear something like that. I'll try to run the self diagnostic test tonight.
The source is a TiVo HD via HDMI 1. I'll keep an eye on it.
I bought a TC-P50ST60 about a week ago. Today it turned itself off in the middle of a show then turned back on after about 3 seconds. When the picture returned, it came up with a message saying, " An error has been detected and recovered." Anyone see this before? Any ideas what it might be? e-help wasn't much help on this...
Boredom was the least of my concerns. Wife Acceptance Factor for running slides was very low, based on questions like:"If you're not watching the new TV, why don't you turn it off?""When are you going to take our new TV out of the corner and put it on the stand?""That new TV isn't going to flash those colors every night, right?"etc...
Sounds like a Mac issue. There are several posts on here about the same thing, and as I recall, all of them have used a Mac to copy the files. If you can, find another (non-Mac) computer. You should end up with 12 slides total.
Ok, just as a data point, I checked mine, and it appears that the right side has a very SLIGHT green tint, and the left side has a very SLIGHT magenta tint. This is with about 44 hours of nothing but D-nice slides running. I will check again after 100 hours + D-nice settings to see if there is any difference
Woot! New 50ST60 running slides!! Very exciting, indeed. 98.5 hours to go. Been reading this forum for several weeks, deciding on a model and researching proper set-up, break-in, calibration, etc. Y'all are the greatest! Thanks for the help -Gabe.
IronHorse, Outstanding job!!!! You've given me something to aspire to.
The way I look at it, if there were a single perfect solution, it would put everyone else out of business or it would cost a bazillion bucks. There are always trade-offs to be made. Same is true with cars, computers, and spouses . . .
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