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Simple. The engineers design them and make the compromises they have to make to meet a release date and a cost. The marketing guys sell them by any means necessary.
That's right. But even so, all of this amounts to an INCREMENTAL picture quality improvement.Display technology is driven by marketing of new features, not by big picture quality advancements. Spend a lot of time looking at different displays and you will see more that one display may look "different" from another one in some way. But, it is rare to see one that stands out as obviously better unless it is being compared to one that is just plain bad. Even then, many...
You're right. It should be there. But, think about what these projectors really are. They are not really 4K projectors even though JVC markets them that way. So, from an engineering point of view, the decision makes sense. From a marketing point of view, it is a problem.
Over my RS20?The ones that are important to me are: Brighter. Higher fill factor. Elimination of RS20 specific artifiacts. E-shift.The new DI might also be worth using.
I am interested in this JVC Generation for a few reasons. The first is that I have an older PJ, an RS20, and this will be an upgrade in many areas that I care about. The second is that I view this generation as the pinnacle of JVC's 1080p work to date as it refines many years of work, which hopefully means that issues have been dealt with to the extent they can be. Third is that I am not anxious to upgrade every component in my chain. Fourth is that I think the...
A DI on a JVC with already high native contrast would not need to operate very aggressively. This means that it can have a positive effect on on/off contrast without being very noticeable. Of course, In mixed scenes with content at the edges of the projector's dynamic range, the projector has to make a choice: clip the whites, clip the blacks, or do nothing.
I have been happy with my RS20 for several years now. Every year I find an excuse not to upgrade. I think this may be the year, especially since my brother in law is now an AVAD dealer. I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks. A dynamic iris on a JVC is big news. I think JVC was running out of new features to promote and thought "why not." If anyone is interested, PM me and I'll let you know what the pricing turns out to be.
This is the way it works:A manufacturer is free to set price controls within its chain of distribution. Sony can choose it's dealers and require that they adhere to pricing policies. The theory is that this is permissible because it benefits consumers by allowing higher margins and better customer service. Therefore, it strengthens the brand.But, Sony and JVC cannot between themselves decide to set prices as some minimum level. This is an impermissible conspiracy in...
No signs of any Epson LCOS projectors?
My WHS/InfiniTV box has now been up for 31 days! Finally working great!In fact, it is working so well that my other Infinity that is simply in a HTPC is less reliable. Because I have sleep/wake/HDMI issues. Can anyone shed light on magic settings that are needed for sleep/wake and HDMI (I have an NVIDIA card) all function properly?Thanks for the help!
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