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AVS is going to have a helluva line at this point. I just want to know what the prices should be. Thanks.
I have tried without success to get the preorder prices. Can someone PM them to me? Thanks.
The answer to your question comes down to your viewing habits and certain other room features.What color are your walls and ceilings? Have you taken measures to control reflections? Do you like to watch with the lights on? How much of the time will you watch with lights on?White screens like the Stuidotek can compromise contrast if you do not control reflections. If your room lights up when you turn the projector on, you need to do a better job with reflections.But,...
Whether a Firehawk will give you the results that you want depends on your room and all of the efforts that you make to control the kind and direction of light that you have there.See my BD review, which has some pictures of the Firehawk.http://www.videovantage.com/?p=937Here is a pic of the BD and Firehawk together.Keep in mind that with that pic there is no light shining directly on the screen, so if you have stray light, the FH will look worse.
You are best off keeping the projector in THX mode until you have a calibration done. THX is JVC's approximation of a calibrated picture. People complain that their THX mode is off in one way or another but it is closer than you will get just playing with the controls.That said, since you seem to be using PC levels, you want to set HDMI for Enhanced. Feel free to use the NR sharpness and MPC level controls to get a look that you like.
I received the email from CETON saying that there will be no network tuners for Windows 8. This really stinks because I use network tuners and had planned to upgrade to Windows 8. I wish that someone from CETON would explain why this is so. Here is my theory: Microsoft is moving away from WMC. MS sees the future of content delivery to be IP based, preferably through its own apps store. It sees itself competing with the cable companies. Thus, no version of Windows 8...
Does anyone know what the lens is like on these new JVCs? Just curious about the lens quality.
I'll email her. It's out of warranty but anything you can do is great. Thanks.
It is really my own fault and the Black Diamond's too!This screen is used in a lit room, not a secure dedicated theater, and the kids use it all the time. So, something like this was bound to happen. It's not as bad as when my oldest was younger and she pressed in the tweeter on every single speaker like they were buttons.I still love the BD so I'll probably just buy another one. I'm looking around right now, is there any competition yet for the lit room application? ...
My three year old threw a toy that landed pretty much right in the center of my Black Diamond. It is now dented, scuffed, and basically ruined. Ugh.
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