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Normally, I would be happy to help. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time right now.
I have two InfiniTv units. One in a WHS setup and the other is a simple HTPC. I am on driver package I upgraded to firmware beta and hardware 6408. These hardware and firmware versions have caused problems on both machines: No signal errors are now common. These errors require reboots, sometimes more than one a day. I would like to rollback the firmware and hardware to the last stable versions, which were the ones that the utility identified...
Those of us that have longer memories are shocked that Mark was ever in a position to have worked at AVS in the first place. Ah, the memories. I hope that Mark remains a part of this community. If anyone has Mark's phone number please PM it to me.
A new wire grid polarizer is not a "feature" as such. The function of the polarizer is simply to polarize light within the optical engine. This is necessary because the panels need to have polarized light. The better the job the polarizer does, the smaller the amount of non-polarized stray light gets past it. This unwanted stray light reduces on/off contrast. Keep in mind that there are many points of contamination for stray light. The polarizers are only one. So,...
True! Every year this is reported from CEDIA and it is never true.I'm convinced that LCOS just has ANSI contrast limitations. Still an excellent picture anyway. You have to calibrate properly to get good dimensionality. If not, you can definitely wind up with a flat looking pic. Properly calibrated with the right gamma, PQ depth is as good as a good DLP. As good as anything really.I'm holding out for 4k at a JVC price. I'm still happy with my RS20. Maybe next year?
I wouldn't repair my RS20 if it died. I also would not buy an out of warranty RS30 or RS35 (maybe if it was really cheap?!).I owned a RS50 for a short time. I felt it was a case of one step forward and maybe one step back.I used to upgrade almost every year but now I am scared to. I'll wait for JVC contrast and price with true 4k. Hopefully my RS20 lets me wait.
FWIW, here is my recollection: The JVC models before the RS20 generation suffered from bright corners. It was said that one reason for this issue was the lightpath. The RS1s/RS2s had the lamp placed on the side of the unit and a mirror was necessary to bend the light at a right angle so that it could fire down the lightpath into the light engine and out the lens. This mirror caused light scatter and caused bright corners.The RS20/RS25 generation had the lamp mounted at...
I am having a lot of problems with my PC locking after upgrading my NVidia drivers. I also have the flashing issue. Can someone point me to the best/least trouble free version of Nvidia drivers? Thanks.
That forum is out of control with the hype and spin. It makes the AVS forum look rational in comparison. I didn't think that was possible.
I really wish that RED would release some specs. I can't believe that no one at NAB has yet asked what kind of imaging technology is being used (why this would be a secret is beyond me). What does "no calibration" mean? This seems like it was either revealed too early or was revealed just to screw with the market. I hope that I am wrong but this seems like a case of "all sizzle, no steak."
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