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Let me throw in my subjective comparision of JTR and Aerials (7b and CC3) for what its worth. I spent close to 3 yrs with the Aerials and enjoyed them - but I felt they were weak in 2 areas - first was the CC3 - it sounded strained and muddy at high levels. My room is well treated, so I could hit high volume levels. The 2nd was Aerials laid back character - an issue esp for music. I like listening to classical and movie soundtracks with a lot of brass - these tracks lacked...
It may not have been the amps, though I could be wrong. I am powering my T8s with 250+ watts/ch for L&R and close to double that for C (Citation 7.1 amp) and I am sitting 12.5ft away. Almost the entire front wall and 4ft of sidewalls are lined with GIK absorption panels (2in material+2in air gap). So I can hit quite high vol levels. I auditioned T12 for L&R for a few days (advantage of being close to JTR). Though this is not evident in short comparisions, over the few days...
I purchased T8s in Dec 08, and Jeff mentioned they are the 2009 models. Is there a newer model of T8s after that? I would like to see more details on what the diff is between the models. Hopefully Jeff can chime in.
I went from Aerial 7b/CC3 to Triple8s for LCR. I agonized over Triple12 because I couldnt fit them in my HT due to the width of the 12. I dont find the T8 straining until -3 or -2 from reference. I think most people will not find the limits of T8. From the midrange and below - the T8s walk all over the Aerials.Yes. I ran Audyssey and it came back with 90Hz, I dialed it back to 80hz and subjectively cannot tell if there is an issue.
Amir - what would a better design look like in this space? Would you have the pre/pro feed the clock to the source?
CM - did you audition the Seaton Catalysts? How do they compare to the Genelecs?
I had a Triple8 setup since Dec and last week tried Triple12 for L&R. I spent a couple of hours listening to music and the main difference between them is that 12s have a better upper bass punch but are quite similar elsewhere. I suspect the 12s can play loud - but I didnt compare them for spl. I dont find the 8s straining at 100db+ levels. I moved from an Aerial 7b and CC3 setup to the Triple8 and the biggest difference for me is the clarity/fullness of the sound...
Please post your impressions - very interested to hear the differences. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that most home audio systems are simply not designed to be used at the volume levels that a dedicated home theater system will be cranked up to. Even my prev 3-way CC used to strain once I hit -10 ref level (I was feeding it close to 400 watts) while the T8 is coasting easily.
Jeff - what is the difference between these and the driver models in the latest T8?I see a distinct improvement in midrange clarity on the T8 compared to my previous Aerial CC3 which has a 4" mid.
Great review! I bought the Triple8s 2 weeks ago and will post a review in another week or two (coming from Aerial 7b & CC3). I would have gone with Triple12LF but dont have the space for the CC in my setup.I am interested in your comment about upper midrange compared to Triple8s - is this noticeable in female vocals?RMK - that last photo is awesome. I was sold on JTR after reading your reviews.
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