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I summarized an accurate portrayal of the situation in my first paragraph (beyond that you can read at your own risk) here………..http://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.ph...postcount=1988 Talkstr8t later commented here………..http://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.ph...postcount=2212 For that matter, in case you were unaware, people supporting the Blu-ray format were "negotiating" with Uni last summer. Did that make a difference back then? Was Uni close to publishing in both formats? No,...
Buy a Blu-ray player for zz best sound. Also........... Call Jessica at 1-866-766-9259 (Sony). She should be able to get you a 3 year extended warranty for $509. and change for the Q. You welcome. P.S. Attention Bendover, if I were you, I would not try to get this service contract using the name “Ben Dover”, as I can pretty much guarantee that will not happen.
Correcto-mundo…………….http://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.ph...postcount=5772 ^ B.T.W. One needs to sign-up as a member to view the pic. It may be worthwhile.
I know that, the day is burned in my memory banks. Who the hell do you think gave you the phone number for the Delivery people?
For the record, he didn't break in, nor did he hold a gun to anyone's head but, Bob did help in the color correction of the HD master.
But even that, is not infallible because one still has to be able to differentiate it from camera motion blur, as Vincent Pereira alluded to earlier. And if one has first hand knowledge that a particular scene(s) used a wide shutter angle (and complementary lighting on the set) it definitely is not necessarily DNR. P.S. I am really being sent over here to do battle on behalf of colorists all over the world. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...postcount=3038
I always wondered, as per your sig - why are you apologizing to Rogo? Do you in fact also owe him a dinner as I do...... or did you just do a bad-ie ?
I'm sure he knew about it because he was a perfectionist that obsessed over the tinniest of visual details. Geez, he was so directly involved in the cinematography of Eyes Wide Shut that if you check imdb, Larry Smith has the dubious distinction of carrying the title of "lighting cameraman" rather than Cinematographer. And his knowledge didn't stop at the camera, he pushed the enveloped in the lab also by deliberately force developing the film elements of this movie with...
Just checked imdb. You are correct, sir. Silly me, 5296 was discontinued in 1995…..http://www.cinetech.com/html/stocktimeline.html And I doubt, that Kodak still had a lot of rolls of 5296 lying around since they were already phasing out 5298 before the Eyes Wide Shut shoot.
He would say…."Kram, I used 5296 pushed 2 stops and shot the predominant amount of the footage at f 1.8 with most light generated from practicals".
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