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OK so the lower the frequency the better the sound at low levels? Nww I see many speakers rated at 175 watta and above yet I am yet to come across an amp that delivers that. Isn't it bad to underpower speakers? I am looking at getting some NorthRidge E Series speakers, something around the 120watt that my Receiver is limited to.
I can probably afford somewhere around the $1500-$2000 AUD mark. Thats with a 3 month layaway plana nd that is the longest I can get. It has taken me 6 weeks so far to pay off the $900 AUD Pioneer VSXD814-S so even $2000 is not totally out of reach. I hope this helps you to understand my situation. Remember AUD not US. Ok so I go into the store and see whats available. Apart from listening what are the most important factors in buying speakers? What about...
yeah its in my first post, "nearly finished paying it off" anyway what would it matter if I had it already without speakers, what has that got to do with anything? I am slowly building up a system
I don'thave any speakers yet but will most likey get a 100-120 watt 6.1 setup. Currently looking at the JBL 260.6 simply cinema package. Its for a small room (3x4m) but I want good strong bass.
Ok since I'll definetly be getting this receiver now what sub woofer would be best? at 120watts per channel I'd be best to get a 120watt sub? The reason I ask is because i see people getting 220 - 800 watt subwoofers even though the reciever is only capable of 100watts, why do people do this?
omg I just checked the catalog again and it says it has 3 digital optical inputs
I have nearly finished paying off a Pioneer VSXD 814-s receiver and I have just learned that it does not have optical input which I need for my X-Box. I spoke with the guy at the store about this and he is happy for me to choose another receiver that does have optical input. Any suggestions of what I should get?
ive got a pioneer VSXD814-s reciever and have been looking at getting some Paradigm Speakers. Monitor 5 series Left/Right Bookshelf, CC-370, Center ADP-370, Surrounds all 120 watts. The other speakers I was seriously considering was the latest yamaha range 240watts
k, thanks but the thing is that I live in a small town that does not have a hometheater store. I cannot test out speakers and therfore have to go by specs. if watts arent a true rating of a speaker then what is and why are higher watt speakers generally dearer?
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