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Interesting. I did the opposite. I left the 60EX645 and came to this set. I do see the "DSE" as you call it, but I believe this is present on passive 3D sets in general. I never notice it unless there is a very particular circumstance like a bright scene (usually white) which is also panning. My screen uniformity is great, especially after getting a few weeks of break in with the set. The quality of the 3D cannot be beat. I am actually enjoying watching 3D again...
I can understand (a bit) your point, but do you really expect a quality web browser on a Smart TV?
Same as what I listed above. I only use Input HDMI 1 because everything feeds though my Denon AVR-1712. I typically try and find a happy medium for all content because I really don't like messing with once I've found something that works.
Very easy. Just start playing a 3D source, then adjust the settings while viewing a 3D source. Then it will automatically load those settings the next time 3D content is played.
That's what I did. I am Silver so I am going to watch the price closely for the next while!
I think Real Cinema is grayed out unless there is actually a 1080p/24 signal active. That's been my experience. I don't like artificial sharpness as in general I like to preserve the original signal as best as possible.
I picked this up at BB this weekend. The 60" inch version (60LM7200). I'll post my settings below. First let me give a few thoughts.... I am blown away by the quality of the picture. 2D HDTV viewing is phenomenal. Coming from a Sony 55" NX720 (no slouch in PQ department either) I can say that the this set BEATS the Sony hands down. The build quality is excellent, and I like the design of the base. Where this HDTV really shines for me is 3D viewing! Having dealt with...
TruMotion gives the Soap Opera Effect (even on Smooth for me) so I turn it off. Frankly I saw no difference with Sports on, or off.
How exactly did you do the "pop" method? I want to try but also want to be careful. I will post my settings later. For 3D, I just raised the backlight by 30 (50 normal, 80 for 3D) but otherwise tried to match my 2D settings. Hope that helps.
Just picked this up. I don't see too many people posting their settings. Only a few. Anyone mind sharing? I will tomorrow once I have everything setup the way I like it! Is there a similar model out there that might have more settings available to compare? Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: