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My son just got his too. Took three hours!
My son did it after it worked for me and it's been over 2 1/2 hours and no code yet.Edit: I'm hoping/guessing that it's just taking longer because they're busier now.
I think that's the one. There's a field that asks you to input the code that isn't working and that's where you tell them your story. It doesn't actually need a code to be accepted.Took just under two hours for them to get back to me with a code.
Thanks! Like others, this worked for me too!
Reviews for Ryse are starting to pop up. Doesn't look too promising. IGN: 6.8 Gamespot: 4 Adam Sessler: 2 out of 5 I still want to try the game anyway. Hopefully there will be a demo on the marketplace.
You think there's any chance of this happening in Destiny? Bungie was the dev for Reach afterall.
This. Plus, what about space shooters? Something like Star Citizen on console or even a combination of FPS with some space combat (more than Halo Reach offered).Or, I think it'd be awesome to have an arcade style, air combat shooter with day/night and whether combined with the ability to leave the atmosphere and have combat in space. Too much?
I agree, while I do like shooters, I'm looking forward to new ideas. I will say I think the next Red Dead Redemption on next gen will be sick though!
I agree, I was disappointed by Microsoft's direction when they first announced the Xbox One, but I'm back to looking forward to it now. Titan Fall is probably my most anticipated "Next-Gen" title.64 player Battlefield is going to be awesome too!
Really good interview.
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