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Technically you could but you need some extra hardware/software and time to figure it out. There are a few websites though where you can download games in their entirety. Just takes a google search and enough hard drive space.
I've actually found using the internet for most live sports. The problem is nationally televised games. That would change if ESPN3 was available to more people. And with internet speed improvements, an HD quality picture is not too far off.
Strange that ESPN3 has all the games but not in HD. I thought the whole point of ESPN3's revamped look and name change was to provide all games available whether college or professional games in HD.
Spain isn't safe either. Tough match against Chile and the Swiss play winless Honduras.
They always do the first game. The second and third games in group play always pick up in play with teams taking more chances because of the circumstances and need for points to advance or match goal differentials.
No, the NBA offers the League Pass separately online. Although, if you do purchase the tv package you get the online component with it at no extra charge.You should also know that DirecTV is rumored to offer Sunday Ticket separately online as well.
The NBA has their online package offer an option to watch only your favorite team's games. Actually I think you can choose a few teams. DirecTV may not be making moves on the situation but streaming online packages atleast are showing signs in moving toward that direction.
I'm not sure if you count them as a true sports league but the UFL does it too. Not that it really matters.This a problem that I have on my Sharp LCD screen when it comes to hockey games. The ice always looks way too bright making it almost blinding to watch the game. NBC and Versus for that matter have been driving me nuts on this tv because it has always been a problem but the ice has been significantly brighter than any broadcast I've watched before.I have a feeling...
I'm with you Steve. I wasn't pleasantly surprised how good the game looked. I didn't notice any glaring problems and thought the picture was crisp and clear. Great game too. Let's see if the Celtics could actually be the first team to win three and a row at home. (Almost certainly won't)
Whoever wins today I believe will win the series.
New Posts  All Forums: