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I guess I never listed what I have... it's a Logitech Harmony 550. The above helped as it made me re-look at the other options for activities. I found that I could do "activity manual setup" then "utility" and then "generic activity"... this allows me to select ONLY the BDP-SX1000 Still have a minor issue though... It seems to be an issue with Logitech telling their software that the BDP-SX1000 is a device without a display. When I select only the SX1000 I can at...
Hi all, I have what I hope is an easy problem to solve. I have a Sony BDP-SX1000 portable Blu Ray player. http://www.amazon.com/Sony-BDP-SX1000-Disc-Player-Black/dp/B004U7UAWM Since it is portable it also has a built in LCD screen, volume control etc. The problem I'm having is that so far I can only load this device as a "DVD Player" for activities and so I get "stuck" going through the activities setup as it requires me to pick a TV as a display, but does not list...
Hello all, It's been a bit since I posted, but I arrive looking for some help. I'm trying to find a good price for a WD-92842, but with the recent announcement of Mitsubishi leaving the DLP market it's become a bit of a chore. I've contacted Walts, but they're playing the gouging game and I refuse to submit to that (I'll just invest in front projection if needed). I guess it's my bad luck that I started looking into an upgrade for my Sammy 67A750 just as Mits was...
Oh and just to be clear... After removing the back panel and while your looking at the rear of the TV... Fan #1 is the smaller fan at the center (left of all the other fans)... Fan #2 is the larger fan that's just off to the right of Fan 1 and is embedded into the "black box". Fan #3 is on the right and behind "black box".
I just ran into this very problem so thank you for this thread... I do have a question though. I noticed that the linked replacement fan has a short (about 4 inches) power wire set while the original fans I see have around a 12-14 inch power wire length. Does anyone have a link for a correct fan with proper wire length?? As for my quick fix... I removed the 10 rear panel screws and then removed the two "slide" panel screws which allowed me to slide out the main...
wow... thanks for all the great information and keeping this alive. I reloaded the page figuring there wouldn't be any new info and found that the opposite was true. Sounds like 3D PS3 gaming is out.... but 3D movies from a few special Blu players will work (as well as some PC 3D gaming if you're inclined to do that setup)
Nope, no need to explain further as that makes perfect sense to me. Thank you.
thanks for all the tips. What's this "3db down at 40hz" though? I think I've seen that before about the +/-3db or something, what does that mean? thanks again.
Here's my current setup (running 5.1) in case that helps the advice... AVR = Onkyo TX-SR605 Sub = Polk PSW-505 Center = Polk CS2 Fronts & Surrounds = Polk Monitor 70s (yes, 4 M70s... don't ask my reasons, I have another thread on that already, lol) So basically, I should set everything to 80hz and then start tweaking the sub and Onkyo to get the bass I'm looking for. Sounds like a good start. Anyone else want to add or change that thinking?
good point... I guess mostly I'm wondering what's "wrong" with setting my speakers to "full band"? I've tried all the settings and "full band" sounds good to me, but there a little too much bass... but if I go with anything else, then I feel like there's not enough bass, lol.
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