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I have the exact same issue on my Panny BD55. So, do you guys think this is most likely a player specific issue or a manufacturing issue? I've watched 4 out of 6 movies and gone through most of the special features, and this is the only issue I've had so far. Dave
Thanks, Andreas! I will try that. Dave
Well, I couldn't get the cover off the top. I'm missing a screw someplace towards the back. Which screws need to come out to get the top off besides the deep-set ones on the bottom and the little one on the side of the connections? Dave
How hard was it to get the pink blobs out? Do you know if it was the LCDs or Polarizers that was causing them? What did you use to clean the Polarizers and how did you go about cleaning them and the LCDs? I have some pink splotches on my projector that I want to get cleaned. I have no problem taking things apart and putting them back together, but I just don't want to damage anything in the cleaning process. Dave
Has anybody played around with the BD-Live commentary stuff for the Dark Knight, yet? I was trying to see how it worked tonight, but it's hard to tell because there are a lot of "test" commentaries by various users, however, the legitimate ones didn't seem to work. All I ever saw was the film with no PIP or commentary. I'm just wondering if I have a setting out of whack since I upped my firmware to 1.6. Dave
ADR is sometimes referred to as Additional Dialogue Replacement or Automatic Dialogue Replacement. It is also referred to as "looping". ADR is when filmmakers go back in and re-record dialogue to replace the production recording which can sometimes be corrupted by noise on the set. Sometimes ADR is done to rewrite the dialogue. I don't remember seeing bad stuff on the sequence you're referring to, but I thought there was some questionable stuff on the young Hellboy...
Were there any scenes in particular in Hellboy 2? I watched it for the first time last night, and I noticed that some of the ADR that was done didn't look so great. Dave
A lot of videos get mastered so that their signal levels are pushing full scale in the digital realm; music videos being the most notorious. Basically this results in signal levels that are very hot. What this means to us is that there probably isn't a lot of headroom left on the analog input side of most receivers. Turning up the input into your receiver could potentially overmodulate the input which would result in distortion. You are better to turn everything else...
I have had various stuttering/skipping problems with this player since day one. I believe it is a combination of disc manufacturing and the error correction in the player. When I get a disc that skips, I go exchange it where I bought it and 9 out of 10 times the replacement plays back without a problem. I get the same thing with Netflix. I think as the format matures, we'll see less and less of this, but in the meantime this is the way it's going to be on this...
Ever since I updated to the 2.0 firmware, I have been unable to turn off the bonusview icon while watching bonusview content. So far the only titles I have tried are the Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, and Batman Begins. However, they did fix the audio annoyance so that now when watching one of the In-Movie Experiences, the film audio ducks for bonusview audio content. Dave
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