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Update: *Started carpet today *Installed the battery backup system for the sump in the equipment room *Electrician finished the IMAX reveal lights for behind the screen but it's going to require some modifications on the light angle *Ordered the black light fixtures and tubes for the soffit *Ordered the XPAND RF Emitter & XPAND 3D glasses for the Sony projector
I posted it my thread last night. Following the advice of "DesertDome the Great" I went with Crest CC4000 amps for the LCR and a Behringer inuke NU4 6000 for the surrounds.
I had the same result yesterday when I called them. No luck returning it and I even had a 20A dedicated circuit installed for the Sherbourn. Good thing is that I already found a buyer and bought new amps.
Forgot to post one thing last night. I received the packaging materials for my 118" diagonal 16x9 Carada BW Criterion screen that I used at my last house. It's all boxed up waiting for a new owner. Let me know if you're interested. http://www.carada.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=PROJECTION-SCREEN-H106C
Other things for sale if anyone is interested: *Three 4" OC703 fiberglass panels: http://www.atsacoustics.com/item--Owens-Corning-703-4-inch--1032.html *GIK acoustic treatments (2) 244 panels, (2) Monster bass traps & (2) Tri-traps - all are brown in color. I can provide pictures if anyone wants more detail.
Posted several more pictures...placed the S8's on the stage platform so you could see them next to the 212's and S2s. More pics on my thread:
Update: Some good progress for a Monday. *Installed the six JTR S8's into the columns for the surrounds (pictures below to show size of the S8's in relationship to the 212's & S2's ) *Installed fabric panels in the lower stage openings and the column openings *HVAC guys installed the ERV today...now I can obtain my 6 fresh air exchanges per hour (Thanks Tim) *Decided not to fight the noise issue on the Sherbourn 7-350 so it's for sale if anyone wants it. To replace...
Hey Luke - that's awesome you can make it!!
About 20"
Rain, Rain, Rain.... The constant rain all day delayed the Seymour screen delivery and install so it will wait until next weekend. Update: *Put away all the temporary equipment that DD and I used yesterday to test the speakers. *Installed the ten hanging 2" OC703 behind the screen (see pics below). I certainly could walk behind the screen with ease before this step...now...not so much. *Terminated remaining speaker wires & ran speaker wire to rear MBM *Built one of the...
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