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Carp - wtf?
No heat in the house yet and wind chills at -28 degrees. I don't think much of anything will get done today.
Jeff has definitely been a busy man...shipping my last 3 S8's tomorrow!
Thanks for the input HopefulFred. Update: I updated the first post with new top view and side view drawings. If anyone sees anything not quite right in these drawings wrt distances, angles, etc...please let me know. Trying to get the square footage set for the fabric order. Electricians are running all the wiring and HVAC is finishing up this week. They just mounted the exhaust fan in the equipment room today.
I could use a little input on the soffit. I was planning to build it just like the Cinemar theater (see schematic below). But after reviewing the soundproofing plan for the room with my builder we decided to build the soffit after the soundproof shell is complete (Big does most of his rooms this way). I would also like to put fiberglass insulation in the soffit and utilize fabric frames on the bottom side of the soffits so it can act like a bass trap. I really can't do...
Such a funny story and now I have a great idea for the next GTG at my place :-)
Thanks for all the input. Given the 2' riser I think I will change the height of the wainscot. If I want to maintain a 32" height on the top level, then it would be over 4' on the lower level. Mario - I looked through your thread for about 20 minutes (for the 1000th time) and didn't see it but I'll keep looking....
Better view of the Cinemar theater
Yeah you're right from an aesthetics standpoint they are night and day. Maybe should find another example to compare. :-)
It's been awhile for an update but more coming soon. Electricians and HVAC guys are busy wrapping up the rest of the house and just starting the theater. Question - should my wainscoting that will wrap around the lower part of the theater remain at the same height or should it transition with the risers and remain at a constant height say 30"? Looks like Mario adjusted his some for the riser drop. If I want to keep it the same height all the way around then it will be...
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