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I'm planning to mount my 61 pound, 60 inch Sony Bravia LED TV on the wall, and require an articulating mount with swivel capabilities. However, one of the studs is right in the centerline where I want the TV to be. I believe my options include: - use a mount with a wide as possible wall plate (I found a Cheetah mount with 26" wide wall plate), which allows me to best distribute the load across the 2 studs. Although the mount can extend the TV up to 20" from the wall, I...
Thanks for all the feedback. I finally fired up my new system consisting of the RC-10's and RC-LCR in front, CB-5's in back, and the Hsu VTF-15H. Oh my! Coming from the Bose Acoustimass, the difference is night & day. Could not be happier. Oh full range sound, how I have missed you!
It is (unfortunately) wide open, so I basically have a 28x25 ft room where the listening area is on the right half. As I have little kids, I don't need the capability to crank up to a high SPL, just want clean and competent for now. Maybe I can try to up the budget to that VTF-15H, do my part to help the economy.
I have a listening area that is 14x25ft that opens up into a great room which is 28x25 ft with 8ft ceilings, 80/20 mix of movies/music, budget of around $700. I believe the Hsu VTF-3 MK4 is the best single sub to energize this entire area, but I am tempted to consider running dual Energy S10.3's since they are on sale for $200 at Newegg. Is the Hsu really worth the extra $300? If I go with the side firing Hsu, the woofer will only be about 9 inches away from the wall...
P.S. As of right now, Vann's knocked $20 off the RC-10 to $280, and took $100 off the CB-5 which is currently $100 for a pair. Just pulled the trigger myself!
The entire left side of the listening room opens up to a kitchen & dining area, so that combined area is 28ft wide x 25 ft deep (8 ft ceilings). I actually had a nice exchange with Dr. Hsu himself, who recommended the VTF-3 MK4 and a location for the unit.
Ok, I'm convinced to go with the RC-10 or V5.1. Now how different are these 2? The V5.1 seemed to get huge props for its beautiful finish, but their specs seem very similar otherwise. Any opinions on the whether the corresponding center channels (RC-LCR vs. V5.2C) are very different? These discounted prices way below MSRP are kind of crazy!
I have wife approval to replace the Bose Acoustimass speakers with some real speakers! I'll be using these for 80% home theater, 20% for music in a 25x14 ft listening area (8 ft ceilings), driven by a Yamaha Aventage 125W/ch receiver. I'm constrained to use bookshelves for wife approval factor, and rear speakers must fit on 8.5 inch wide section of wall. I went to a local Magnolia and the Energy CB-20's were my favorite bookshelf. My plan is to use CB-20 for the...
I also have dropout problems with KPIX (live in Sunnyvale, using Winegard 7694P on roof mast) that is fairly severe. I have not been able to figure out a pattern regarding when it is particularly bad and unwatchable. KQED has also been slightly unreliable during late afternoons, so I started instead tuning to the San Jose PBS equivalent station KTEH which seems a little better but still occasional pixelation and audio drops. Since KGO is from the same tower and I tune...
I just wanted to report that I got the KGO 7 signal back loud and clear after upgrading the antenna to a more typical array that is larger. I guess that sometimes there is no replacement for displacement!
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