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After i picked up the Oppo universal player I just picked up a new receiver. Pioneer VSX 1021K. Very pleased so far. Thanks a lot for everyones ideas. Much appreciated. Joe
Alright, got myself one for $101. Now on to look for a solid receiver. Hopefully one can be found for 300-400. Thanks for all the advise guys! Joe
Um actually I just found out this info yesterday. However I was under the impression that there wasn't a DVD player that would play sacd & DVD-a via hdmi. In fact I didnt know there was one that played DVD-a via hdmi at all. That would be a solution for sure.
Haha, thanks guys! I spelled analog wrong in my header and I've already got a couple leads that I couldn't get in 5 hours of looking! Thanks so much. Joe
Hello all, been looking high and low for a new receiver. The problem I've run into is that I have an SACD player as well as a DVD-Audio player. I currently use individual analog outs to my current receiver. I haven't been able to find a new receiver that has even one set of multiple analog inputs for under 500 bucks. Much less two sets! If anyone knows of a good one that has at least one set of analog inputs please let me know. Thanks Joe
Little disapointed to find that for whatever reason MLB has failed to update last years app on the PS3 and enable customers to view spring training games on the PS3. I am new to PS3 streaming and am hoping MLB's app works much smoother then the NHL's app. Unfortunately it looks as though I've got to wait another month to find that out. Joe
I've just hooked up my new ps3 and downloaded the 3.0 update. The only issue i've run into so far is the audio is only coming in at 2.0. I previously had a 360 and it would play the same files in 5.1. I've tried changing a lot of the settings but nothing seems to work. I am running hdmi for video to the tv and optical for the audio to the sony receiver. (doesn't have any hdmi inputs) thanks in advance for any suggestions. Joe
I currently have a fm direct adapter in my vehicle designed for sirius. Does anyone know if there is a way to get that to work for xm car kits? thanks Joe
Sorry if I was unclear, but you did answer my question. For whatever reason Audiovox's main website didn't list the rc as one of their own. What I was asking is if the rc is in fact an audiovox. Thanks for answering that question. Joe
I know. Living in Syracuse, I am a huge fan of sat rad. I've had sirius for 6 years. To put up with what I've had to over the past week I'd have to be. Its been quite a cluster f. J
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