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A few quick shots from my phone(low quality)... Display: Infocus IN82 dlp projector Screen: 119" 16:9 da-lite cinema vision Speakers: 7.1 jbl hti series inwalls Sub: 2x Elemental Designs A3-300(one just died) Receiver: pioneer vsx-1018 Sources: ps4, Xbox one, ps3, dish vip622 Device control: Logitech Harmony One
Exactly the advice I was looking for...thank you. I'll pick up some denatured alcohol after work and give it a shot.
I'm in the process of replacing bulb number four in my infocus in82...close to 8000hrs now. I always use latex gloves in the process to avoid skin contact, unfortunately I decided to swap the bulb with my 7 year old daughter at home. I left the bulb on the kitchen counter while I removed the projector from the ceiling. Next thing I know my daughter comes into the theater room... bulb in hand, and "wanting to help". Is it safe to use rubbing alcohol or some other...
Thoughts on how two LFM-1-EX subs would compare to one hsu vtf-15h? I've grown tired of the constant amp and driver issues that have plagued my ed a3-300 and I'm ready for an upgrade. thoughts?
My experience using the auto calibration cap is similar to that of BobL... all of the colors became overly saturated with red being the worst. I wasn't able to correct issue manually. I had the projector for a number of months before I made the mistake of experimenting with the supplied calibration. I enjoyed the image it threw but longed for more lumens. I purchased an Infocus IN82 and haven't looked back...
My 2x mitsubishi hc3100's and infocus sp7210 disagree. All three projectors had complete color wheel failures at or before 800 hrs. My neighbor's mitsubishi hd1000 made it to approx 2000 hrs before the color began to whine, he's now searching for a replacement. I've also owned a marantz vp12s4, infocus IN78, and planar 7130. My current projector is an Infocus IN82 and I'm closing in on 6000 hrs... the color wheel seems to be holding up fine. I don't care for lcd or...
I've got to run but i would most definitely take the in78 over the optoma if the price is reasonable, say below $600...i used to own one. The infocus incorporates the larger DC3 dlp chip which gives you much better contrast on top of being (my opinion)a better built unit than the optoma. Colors are near spot on out of the box as well. If it was me I'd cough up the $1000 for something like the mitsubishi hc4000 which seems to offer arguably the biggest bang for the...
Sounds like the color wheel is shot if your hearing a grinding noise, my guess anyway.
Why would you do this to your so called "friend" and find it amusing?
Agreed. Coder, when(if?) your search ends for the "holy grail" of projectors, why not come back then with a detailed summary as to why you chose that particular projector? Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate your enthusiasm ... we're all passionate about our ht, hence are reason for being members of this fine forum.
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