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I don't think it would impact the sound in that regard, being warm or bright. I do believe it would benefit the sound at higher listening levels where I've personally experienced distortion which I've not been able to rectify through "manual mcacc". I've had the receiver for a couple months now and I'm still trying to get it dialed in. I'm a bit frustrating to be honest, especially since my previous receiver that I paid $190 for sounded so much cleaner.
I jumped on the same deal...I was suprised no others took advantage since the price and coupon were posted in this very thread.
I have a 15' 28awg hdmi cable(from monoprice) which runs from my receiver to projector and it struggles with a 1080p signal( a lot of static in the image). I'd pay extra and go for a heavier gauge cable, no smaller then 24awg.
Do you have a source that specifies that this issue is resolved with the latest firmware update? As far as I know I have the latest firmware installed and the hdmi handshake with the ps3 is still a problem. Gaming on this display is pure bliss. All projectors should come with adjustable iris...crank it up for gaming or dial it down for film...it's a very flexible projector in this regard. There's also no issues with gaming lag which is very apparent on my samsung dlp. ...
It is indeed the 40gb version. Returning it is out of the question since I purchased the unit over a year ago. I'll try hooking up my neighbor's ps3 t see if the issue persists. Thanks for the reply.
I'm running a 15' 28awg from my receiver to my IN82 and I'm seeing a lot of video noise when passing 1080p from my ps3. I don't have the option of replacing the hdmi cable since it's built into the ceiling. I just tried adding an equalizer/repeater from monoprice and contrary to it's purpose made the problem worse. Is there anything else I can do to boost the hdmi signal strength without replacing the cable? I should note that my xbox360 syncs immediately with...
That number was specific to Mitsubishi, I wouldn't generalize that figure for all other single chip dlp projectors.
One definitive advantage would be color wheel life span. I was told by a Mitsubishi tech that the color wheels in the HC3000/HD1000/HC1500 have a tested life span of approx. 4000 hrs. Members on this forum including myself have had color wheels begin to fail at less then 1000hrs. This could be a possible reason for the reduced speed of the color wheel in the current HC1600. I believe the brushless motors from manufacturers such as Marantz and Sharp are better wound,...
User change only. If you feel the receiver is bright(I don't), it's a quick fix rather then diving into the eq.
You're doomed. I'm not bothered by it but do agree it's a function that would be useful.
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