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Good post! No wait Great one!!
Yes one of them actually did say something. I don't know if I tuned it out from disbelief or what. Bottom line is I don't remember. Sorry!
Yea I know what you mean. They were here for 3 days. I wanted to go on the first, post what I was told, then return on the final day for a second round. Unfortunately I had to go out of town the first two days. I forgot where the schedule is posted but I too hope someone here will go and drill them with more and the same questions. It will be interesting to compare the answers/stories. Yes I saw the early reports as well and am still waiting for some loner term...
Don't know about the c7000 but a Panny engineer told me the 54" is due out any time now, the 58" in May and the 65" in June.
Scot: Again, I'm not an electronics expert. What the Panny engineers were trying to explain to me sounds like what you are saying. The shift in black levels is a result of all that technical stuff, not the intent of it. However, I clearly remember both engineers making these points; 1) the formula (algorithm) controlling this was changed for the 2010 sets, 2) the 3D PDP is not the same as the 2D PDP and, 3) the end result is that the final black level would be blacker...
The Panny engineer I spoke with said BB would carry the full line once released. I think the only VT20 is a 50". The VT25s will be the larger sizes.
Quite honestly, I am the kind of guy that needs to see it to believe it. My biggest problem is that every one has an opinion based on anything but an actual test / experience etc. The PDP in the VT20/25 series just hasn't been around long enough for any story to be tested. Right now I am favoring the 65VT25 over the 63" Sammy equivalent and praying every day that my Mits DLP will last long enough for one of them to be released for sale.
I too am in the same boat but I want a 65". The 58VT25 is due out in May and the 65 in June. Take a look at my post here http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...14096&page=175
The Panasonic 3D tour bus was in the DFW area this past week. They only had a 50VT25 which looked great, but I was hoping they would have brought along a 58 or the 65 that I'm thinking of getting. First, the 65VT25 has a list price of $4,000 or $4,100 and as far as I remember, comes with only 1 pair of glasses. As for the rising black level issue, the two Panasonic "tech geeks" there explained it to me something like this. It is not an "issue" but rather an...
I am the one that stands corrected. I was confused w/ an older system. It does seem Samsung, Panny, Mits, are all active for 2010. I can't wait to see the 60+ sets in person (leaning towards a plasma) and end my reliance on 2nd and 3rd party info. My own case in point example......
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