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Hola amigo, Epson was great and replaced my bulb (original must have had issues). No problems so far with the new one. This is a really great PJ. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Go get it.
Epson tech support is open 6 AM to 6 PM PST. Rushed home from work today - made it! Each projector comes with a "PrivateLine" credit card doodad providing a toll free number and a PIN. Mine didn't work, so I had to make a long distance call. Tech Support gave me a temporary PIN should I have another problem with my current PIN / projector. We ran thru a few tests, and she said it definitely said there was most likely an early failure of the bulb. They'll ship a...
Bought mine 5 weeks ago. It's my primary "TV" with 232 hours on it. Insanely dim today. Getting worse by the hour. Dang! I had an Epson 720p PJ that was rocking the house. Not happy at the moment, but lets see how they do.
It would be really scary if monoprice sold projectors. Their prices are freakin' awesome.
Even better - get a PS3. You get a built in gaming system too. Oh - and a computer to run linux - if you don't get Sony's latest firmware update (which kills the "install other OS" feature).
If it was a factory refurb, you should be good to go. Kind of like getting a second chance to be sure it's right. I'm surprised you had the same problem twice. What a bummer. But they fixed it for free, right?I just sold my 720 to upgrade to an Epson Home Cinema 8100 (1080p). Can't wait to get it.
With Epson - if they say they put a new lamp in it, I'd believe them.
They're both good. Brand new, bang for the buck, I'd go for the 705. How many hours on the bulb of your 720? I've got a TON of ambient light, and my 720 does well. And it pops when the light can be controlled. I bought my 720 new and got the free bulb replacement (haven't had to use it yet). So far so good on the original bulb at 1460 hours. ENJOY!
If it's a factory re-furb, maybe but I doubt itHowever, call Epson - their customer service rocks.I just got my replacement bulb in the mail yesterday. NICE.
Forgot to mention - reset was the first thing I did. It only turned off the Auto-Iris, as I don't typically fool around with the settings. Pretty happy with the out of the box settings.
New Posts  All Forums: