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Hi Lotus, I have my HTPC connected by both, the USB and the HDMI. I usually use the USB connection for 2.0 listening (with J-River 19 using Android app for control > No video involved) and connect to my amp through the dedicated analog output. For everything else from J-River (multi channel, video mostly MKV) I use the HDMI connection and let the Oppo (in split mode) transferring PCM to my AV receiver (Onkyo 818) for the audio (HDMI output 2) and direct (HDMI output 1) to...
Never got a 95 so I cannot comment on it, but the 105, with all its possibilities, has not fail on me since day one (Mid 11/2012).I use it as a real media center, playing either MCH DVD/BD or Stereo/SACD music and HTPC content though its HDMI inputs.Sound wise, this is by far the best component I have ever had.CheersKami
Hi WSE, There is now a Mac version for JRMC (http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?board=31.0) with the usual trial period. You may want to try it (I am on PC so cannot confirm AIFF to FLAC conversion with this version). Cheers Kami
Hi dcarter4, I have an HDfury between my receiver and an old Panny 1080i and it saved my day big time, so much that I went to the 105 a few month later to replace the existing BD player and open my systeme to almost any support/format available. my 2 cents Kami
jmschnur, Sorry I am not using WHS 2011, but if your files are on a NAS, you shall be able to access them through the Oppo GUI. It follows the same logic as for the USB storage: You access them from the Oppo. Streaming them (pushing them) from another soft or equipment does not work for DSF/DFF, for me at least. I definitely need to go to through the Oppo GUI and see if I can access directly to the NAS. Hope this helps, I am just a baby in networking... Kami
Hi jmschnur,Just a bit above your post, see #7113, it may answer your question for playing DSF/DFF files.BestKami
Glad you have it working! I now wait for MC18/OPPO to allow playing DSD through the asynchronous USB. Kami PS I read all your reviews and never thought I could help!
To better reply Kal request, I have SMB activated on my NAS, so then I have the choice to access my files either through MC18 or directly from the NAS.It is like having 2 servers, one "soft" through MC18 and one "hard" through the NAS itself.You then need to select the SMB ("hard") one (bearing your NAS network name) rather than the "soft". Depending on your music collection size, it might be a pain (long) to navigate, but worth it sound wise!I'll try to post a picture if...
As for Manic_D it worked for me too last night.I just access directly my DSF/DFF files (stored in my NAS) from the OPPO GUI (network) and play them.As they are only 2 channels I can't comment on multichannel though.As for pushing over DLNA, I'll experiment with JRiver MC18 (my one and only music player/server) tonight when back home.Kami
Hi MagnoliaMOE They both share the same DAC so I was not suppose to find any differences and I did not. But: DLNA allows for Mutichannel playback (up to 5.1ch/192kHz or 7.1ch/96kHz PCM) USB allows for only (!) 24/192 stereo USB allows for gapless playback while DLNA not (may be a pain if you play some titles like Dark side of The Moon) You may use both for covering the whole capacity of this amazing machine! Best Kami
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