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OK I got it finally. I used Subtitle edit to delete all the non-Naavi subs then was able to export a working sup file. I now have the subs hardcoded into the file.
There are 83 Naavi related subtitles. I use MakeMKV to grab the subs along with video/sound. The forced subs options for some reason is grabbing a few non-Naavi related lines of dialogue but not all. For instance:
For some reason MakeMKV is flagging a few normal subtitles as forced so I have about 30 subtitles that don't belong.
Need help with Avatar. I just got it off a good sale on Amazon. I ripped using MakeMKV with the forced subtitles checked. I have the subtitle file but it looks there are Naavi subtitles along with english ones. I can delete the ones I don't need using Subtitle edit but it saves as an srt which Ripbot doesn't like. How can I edit and keep it as a sup file?
So I guess everyone else gave up like I did eh? I did check back in for the 100th episode and thought the first hour was some of the best I've seen in a long time. Just proves the show should have ended at the end of season 3. Now they're all moving to NY..... Pretty funny how the "new" cast had about 5 lines in the entire 2 hrs.
Looking for a BD player. The last BD player I had was the PS3 years ago, before I sold it. I need one that: 1) Loads fairly fast 2) Has 3D for a possible TV upgrade down the road 3) Do not need any streaming capabilities 4) $150 or less Currently looking at the Samsung 6700.
OK I remember on the old XBOX you could copy your profile to a memory card and just go all over with it, but with the 360 it was different. I forgot about the cloud part, I think I have that turned off.
I might be able to have another 360 in our house that I want to put in the bedroom. How will signing on work? I'd like to be able to use the same Live account on both but I can remember that being an issue a long time ago when it first came out.
If using MakeMKV it's subtitle track 3 or 4. Not sure why both work but I verified in SubTitle Edit that both have 101 subtitles.
Track #2 and yes BluRay.I'm probably not the best person to ask about degradation. I downrez all of my movies to 720p to save space and on my 55" I doubt anyone would notice too much. On darker scenes I can see slight macroblocking but to fix that I bump the constant quality setting to a higher bitrate. Some longer movies with DTS can take up to 11GB but that's not typical. Usually my encodes are between 4-7GB.
New Posts  All Forums: