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Has Anchor Bay had any response here? Sometimes I wonder if they do this stuff on purpose so that no release is ever perfect and we can keep having reasons for another version....
Croweyes--I have to applaud your attention to detail and the passion with which you approach this. It may not be a deal breaker for me, but there is no question that you are right and the audio is being labeled inaccurately on the packaging.
I watched the disc last night--folks forget all this screen grab talk and debate--just watch this thing--it is beautiful.--As for the greenery--there is still enough brown in there with fallen leaves, etc to keep the autumnal feel--and my lovely blues are there in the night shots--this disc is great. I also found the new audio to be powerful. I am a happy camper-finally!
But see--I really find that blue color effective--call me crazy but I find it makes the film much more atmospheric and creepy--and recent versions have not had it as clearly as the old dvd
I know everyone is fixated on those exterior day time shots--but what I want to know ids the blue tint fully back on the night time interiors?
What about all that extra contnet that was found a few years ago? That better be an extra....
Watched Devil Rides Out--and while yes the option of the original version would have been a nice treat after watching this version I doubt I would ever go back. The FX enhancements are fairly subtle--this is not a case of new CGI characters popping out left and right--and I think they only enhance the film. I thought it looked great.
By the way best buy confirmed to me they had a bad batch---they said they had a bin full of returns in the back--the copy I received from Amazon worked fine.
I returned a second copy to best buy---they told me they had a big bin of them in the back--all unplayable--I ordered it from amazon--hoping this cophy will play on my PC so I can watch in 3D
Nice!!!! Me want
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