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I voted for "I will be watching the Super Bowl via over-the-air (OTA) HD" but that may be downgraded to "I will be watching the Super Bowl in analog hell OTA". I hope that I can reliably pull in WSYM from Lansing (HD) since my local Fox (WSMH) is owned by $inclair (no HD, not even digital).
I hate Sinclair so much. Our Fox affiliate in market #65 (WSMH Flint/Saginaw/Bay City, MI) doesn't even have a digital signal on the air yet and guess who owns them? :mad: They claim that the delay of going on the air is because of the station being so close to Canada. Gee, that didn't stop all of those Detroit stations and the five F/S/BC stations that are on the air. Pathetic. I'm so grateful for WSYM in Lansing. I get decent reception and I hope I'll have few...
I haven't been able to pull in WLAJ the last couple of days.
Chalk up another unhappy 360 owner who has signed the petition. I've even noticed problems during SportsCenter when showing some film-like NFL clips. I sure hope this software upgrade comes soon and fixes the problem. I'll be calling D* pretty soon about some kind of credit.
I'm guessing that WWJ has the ability to record and playback HD material and WLNS does not.
Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI: Subtract CBS (5), they're only 480i and have never been anything else (lousy cheap %#!%#*!&#$*!#!!!!). Also, the PBS (19) should be PBS (35). 19 isn't on the air yet, but its satellite 35 is. Add PBS (28) as well. I found in the Lansing HDTV thread that PBS (28) is 5.1. I cannot confirm this because my POS Koss receiver won't tell me if broadcasts are 2.0 or 5.1. ABC (12) - nbc (25) - PBS (28) - pbs (35) Lansing, MI: Add ABC...
I experienced the same thing here OTA on WSYM-HD Lansing. It has now been fixed.
Quick question: Is there any digital station currently multicasting in this market? Thanks.
I don't know if this exactly belongs here, but Mid-Michigan's WB is now on channel 14 on DirecTV. You'll have to have the local channels package to view this channel. It's also on 15 for Comcast customers and 11 for Parish Communications subscribers. Charter is supposed to have it by the end of the year, but I wouldn't put money on it.
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