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From what I gather In general if you are within 5% of 120V you're fine. So 126V to 114V. Climber would be the expert on this stuff.
They were 30% off when I bought a pair. Not as good as the 50% off when they had the F&F sale. Doubt we'll ever see that again.
Nice ride. My ex employer is trying to sell his CTS-V and get an XLR. Takes him forever to do anything though.
Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats Tom. That is one sweet looking room.
I have a couple of sono tubes with 18" SI HT D4 drivers. They are in the My Womanless Cave link. I bought them from a guy in Portland. He has a build thread on this site.
I'd only consider those if I didn't have what I have. I'd take the looks of those SVS subs any day. They are sure beautiful.
There's one listed on this site not too awful far from me for 15 bills. Dang those things are pricey. Makes it really hard to get a 2nd one. Hard enough getting one.
Congrats, don't forget the photos once you get them set up.
A few of the guys in here use those as sides and are happier than a pig in poop. I'm going to do the same if I can ever find some black ones on sale or some used ones. Or the FXi5's if they pop up.
Here are the different versions of REW for operating systems:   http://www.roomeqwizard.com/#downloads
New Posts  All Forums: