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One of my subs has two speakon connections so you can run one from it to the 2nd sub. When wired right that puts them at 4 ohms. I did it that way and bridged the amp but decided to go to 2 ohms and use both channels.
For sure. Those big cabinets make a difference.
I think the sub cabinet has a lot to do with it. The Rythmik FV-15HP uses a 600 watt amp. That's a no joke sub. I don't think I get anywhere near 600 Watts at the levels I listen at and they hit pretty good.
600 watts should be enough to give you retinas like climbers.
Music enhancer. Vitamin R.  I'd show you my other music enhancer but it's still against federal law.  
Bookmarked. I think my son needs a project.   
Oblivion will be my first one. With the subs off I've heard better mid bass punch. With the subs on I get all the punch I need. I think where these really shine is their clarity. Vocal are very nice. I think some folks will have a hard time getting past the looks. Being that visuals can have such an influence on our ears. They sound far better than their price tag IMO.
Very much so. The value of the SQ per dollar is through the roof.  I think these will be stellar for HT. I'll have another one for a CC tomorrow.
Wow, too bad they aren't a little closer to me or I'd grab them and flip them for more. Killer deal.   http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ele/4419892455.html
Just type speaker spike pads in the search box and you'll see more choices.
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